2 Sep 2020

Lifelong Learning Community Celebrates Early Childhood Educators Day

As a community we are excited to celebrate Early Childhood Educators Day, and show appreciation for the very special people who introduce children to a lifelong love of learning. 

Many families have also chosen today to say ‘Thanks’ to the people who are part of their children’s village.  

The impact quality early education and care can make in the first five years of children’s lives can set them up for positive outcomes for years to come. 

That’s why we support our people – with ongoing training, development, appreciation and recognition, for the work they do. We know working in the early childhood sector is not without challenges – but our people believe the rewards are beyond compare.

They are educators for life!  

Our educators will enjoy a morning tea, and appreciation packs including gift cards, along with their own planned special moments. 

As part of the national Lifelong Learning Centres community, which is owned and operated by Affinity Education Group, some of our very special educators shared with us why they love their job. Enjoy listening to their comment, and thank your child’s educator today! 

30 Nov 2020

Join us for our fun annual Summer Program

The year is coming to an end – but the fun and learning is not! Nationally, Lifelong Learning Centres will be launching their annual Summer Program in 148 centres. 
12 Nov 2020

Meet Stephen - Family Support Consultant

Lifelong Learning Centres is proud to have a team of dedicated Family Support Consultants, providing personalised support to families - from their first phone call, to their first day. 
30 Oct 2020

Day for Daniel

Across Australia, we are recognising Day for Daniel as part of National Safe Work Month. Day for Daniel is Australia's largest day of action to help raise awareness of child safety, a cause that’s close to the hearts of all our Centre Managers and educators.